We offer a variety of dance styles and disciplines including, acting, voice and tumbling for all ages and levels.

BALLET - The foundation for all dance, contributes directly to the development of grace, poise, balance, flexibility, and discipline.

BEGINNING POINTE - The more advanced students from Pre Teen/Teen Ballet will have the opportunity to stay for the extra 30 minutes of pointe work. The Ballet instructor will determine which students are ready for this class.

TAP - works the ears as well as the feet. Rhythm and timing skills are essential to building a solid dance education. Tap classes offer an upbeat and fun approach to rhythm and tap dance (Broadway style and "hoofin').

JAZZ - A freestyle dance form combining isolations, strength, coordination and style. This jazz dance class offers a variety of styles vary from classical jazz, lyrical as well as musical theatre and original Broadway choreography.

HIP HOP / STREET JAZZ - A high-energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. This class will encompass movement that has elements of poppin', locking, breaking, jazz, hip hop and funk, as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.

MUSICAL THEATRE / ACTING/ VOICE - In these weekly one hour classes, students will sing, dance and act the best of Broadway. Students will study how to build a character in a scene/production number from a Broadway show, work on vocals with the voice instructor/musical director, then add in choreography. "Triple threats" in training will benefit from two instructors at the same time, putting acting, singing and dancing together for the ultimate musical theatre experience. New selections every few weeks! What a great way to build your musical theatre repertoire and learn a variety of styles. Students will also learn about musical theatre icons and historical tidbits about the shows. Our musical directors and choreographers will take you on this fun & educational trip to Broadway.

TUMBLING - Our TUMBLING classes will offer your child an introduction to the fundamentals of Gymnastics with a focus on tumbling that will provide the building blocks necessary for their potential development in gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, and overall fitness. By learning the benefits of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control, inherent in all aspects of tumbling, your child will be better equipped to safely enjoy and excel in all of his or her future athletic endeavors. The confidence and sense of accomplishment your child will gain from learning new skills will show, and will stay with them forever.

PARENT & TOT - Moms & Dads join in the fun with your child (walking - age 2). Explore flexibility, rhythm, balance, coordination, gross motor skills and creativity with your little one. Parent or guardian attend class with child.

YOGA BOOTY BALLET - a fun and funky fusion of cardio dance, ballet conditioning, yoga and more, designed to make you sweat, smile, and have a blast. The dance section is spirited and easy-to-follow. The ballet section tones and tightens your body, helping to improve strength, balance, and flexibility, and it's specifically designed to work your abs and booty. The yoga and relaxation section serves to quiet a busy mind and rejuvenate you in body, mind, and spirit. The workouts are so fun that you won't believe you're working out, they're so easy—anyone can do them!
This dance fitness craze known as "Hollywood’s fun fitness secret" will help you create the long lean muscles of a dancer while promoting weight loss, improving strength, coordination, stamina, focus and self-esteem.
As the only licensed instructor in the state, Courtney has seen an enthusiastic response to her always full Yoga Booty Ballet classes. Elmwood Fitness Center has fallen in love with Courtney's YBB class, with attendance averaging 40 students each week! YBB class is intended for students of all fitness levels, ages 17 and up (current Encore teens welcome). Please bring water & a yoga mat if you have one, dress casual fitness attire & plan to dance barefoot.

DAYTIME ADULT YOGA - This class is intended for adults to learn the basics of yoga in a safe, non-competitive environment. The focus in these classes is on you, the individual. What does your body need today? The benefits of a regular yoga practice include increased balance, strength, and flexibility. A regular yoga practice can help to calm the nervous system and regulate blood pressure. The mindfulness aspect of yoga puts you back in touch with your self, helping to relieve anxiety, worry, depression, and that frazzled busy-parent-on-the-go feeling. In this class, it does not matter if you are not flexible, if you have bad balance, or if you think you are out of shape. It is called a yoga “practice”, and that is what we come together to do; to practice and improve over time. Yoga classes are practiced in comfortable clothing and bare feet. Each class includes gentle warm-ups and deep stretches, beginner yoga postures (no pretzels!), breathing techniques, and a time for quiet relaxation at the end. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Take some time for you!

What is the difference between the musical theatre, hip hop and jazz classes?

Musical Theatre - very stylized and specific to the show the students are studying, more character dance.

Hip Hop - street, freestyle, individualized, less technical

Jazz - the more technical of the three, where students will learn proper body placement for all forms of dance (the foundation for jazz). Students work on flexibility for big kicks, layouts, mutiple turns etc. Foot work from step ball change to more advanced combinations.

Class Placement

VERY IMPORTANT! Students are placed in a class based on level, not age. Below are general guidlines.

Walking - Age 2

Parent & Tot Creative Movement

Ages 3- 5

Students learn BALLET & TAP, with a focus on reinforcing basic motor skills and rhythm exercises. Fundamental BALLET & TAP exercises are taught, while encouraging our young students to explore the use of their creative minds in relation to movement. Starting at age 3, students may also enjoy TUMBLING classes. They will be introduced to the fundamentals of Gymnastics with a focus on tumbling that will provide the building blocks necessary for their potential development in gymnastics. As well as cheerleading, dance, and overall fitness. Students will be introduced to exercise safety, stretching, flexibility, balance, coordination and most importantly - fun!

Ages 6-8 & 9-10

A one hour combination class of BALLET & TAP is offered as well as INTRO TO JAZZ, TUMBLING and MUSICAL THEATRE (VOICE & ACTING). Students spend one half hour on each discipline in BALLET & TAP, and one full hour on the other disciplines learning technique and performance skills in a fun and nurturing atmosphere. On Saturday mornings we offer a 1.5 hr BALLET/TAP/JAZZ COMBO class for students ages 5-7. Students entering 1st grade, are eligible for MUSICAL THEATRE and ages 7 and up are eligible for HIP HOP.

Ages 10-12

A one hour combination class of BALLET & TAP is offered. Students spend one half hour on each discipline, learning the fundamentals of technique, style, and performance. More advanced students may be place in the one hour teen BALLET and one hour teen TAP classes. Other classes for this age group include one hour classes in JAZZ, HIP HOP/STREET, TUMBLING, MUSICAL THEATRE (VOICE & ACTING.)


Teens can enjoy one hour classes in all disciplines including BALLET, TAP, JAZZ MUSICAL THEATRE (VOICE & ACTING), HIP HOP/STREET, TUMLBING, and ACTING. Teen students focus on technique, style and performance.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Professional levels are offered in Jazz, HIP HOP/STREET, TAP, and BALLET.